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United Church of Canada, Hamilton Presbytery, Day Camp Programs
Hamilton (City of)
Offers day camp on a schedule of one week of half days.
Locations in 2017:
July 3-7 Fifty United Church, Winona call 905-643-1317
July 10-14 Emmanuel United (east mountain) 905-389-4150
July 10-14 Pioneer Memorial United Church (east city) 905-545-9552
July 17-21 Trinity United Church, Grimsby 905-945-2249
July 17-21 New Vision Church, Hamilton (city center) 905-522-6843
July 21-25 Carlisle United Church, Carlisle 905-689-8630
July 24-28 Westdale United Church (west city) 905-528-4215
July 24-28 Millgrove United, Flamborough 905-689-7144
Aug. 7-11 Melrose United Church (west city) 905-522-1323
Aug. 7-11 St. Andrew's United (west mountain) 905-383-7411
Aug. 21-25 St. Mark’s & St. Paul’s United Churches, Dundas 905-627-9251 or 905-628-6396
Mon-Fri 8 :30 am-12 noon
Hamilton (City of) Eligibility

Open to all children regardless of religious affiliation * Junior Helpers: 12-15 yrs


Register by phone at the church where the program is being offered