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Kids Help Phone
Toronto Downtown 439 University Ave Ste 300
Toronto ON M5G 1Y8
National phone and on-line counselling service for youth. Free, anonymous, and confidential. Professional counsellors are available any time of the day or night, every day of the year.
Counselling Line: Mon-Sun 24/7 * Administration: Mon-Fri 9 am-5 pm * Live Chat: Wed-Sun 6 pm-2 am
Canada Eligibility


No application required * To donate, call 1-800-268-3062

King's Way Outreach Centre (The)
Hamilton Central 649 King St E
Hamilton ON L8N 1E5
Centre: 905-296-9473 * Office: 905-308-9991
Provides social services that enable participants to move from dependency to empowerment through skill development.
Programs include:
* Empowerment classes (healing art, overcoming addiction, budgeting/debt management, dedication & commitment, life skills, basic nutrition, stress management, self esteem, wellness programs)
* Hot Meals
* Seasonal Community Dinners
* Food Pantry
* Access to household and hygiene items
* Clothing
Mon-Thu 11 am-3 pm, Fri 6 pm-9 pm
Hamilton (City of) Eligibility

Open to all


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