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Top Level Expand list2nd Level Expand list3rd Level Expand listRecord Count
Expand list Basic Needs580
Expand list Consumer Services191
Expand list Criminal Justice and Legal Services327
Expand list Education363
Expand list Environment and Public Health/Safety160
Expand list Health Care866
Expand list Income Support and Employment248
Expand list Individual and Family Life2568
Expand list Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services392
Expand list Counselling Approaches32
Expand list Counselling Settings66
Expand list Mental Health Care Facilities47
Expand list Mental Health Evaluation and Treatment246
Counselling Services …176
Crisis Intervention …29
Mental Health Evaluation …21
Psychiatric Services …39
Supportive Therapies …26
Expand list Mental Health Support Services53
Expand list Substance Abuse Services51
Assessment for Substance Abuse …6
Detoxification …4
DUI Offender Programs …2
Substance Abuse Education/Prevention …22
Substance Abuse Treatment Programs …32
Supportive Substance Abuse Services …12
Transitional Residential Substance Abuse Services …1
Expand list Organizational/Community/International Services1699
Expand list Target Populations2141